Texas Sugar BBQ Rub: First Smoking Session 9-24-22

Texas Sugar BBQ Rub has been on my mind ever since it debuted earlier this month. I have been thinking of the day I would get the opportunity to use Meat Church’s latest contribution to the Barbecue Game. Well, today is that day. It is a beautiful sunny Saturday morning with perfect conditions for my first smoking session with Texas Sugar BBQ Rub.

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The Meat Report: Texas Beef, Pork and Turkey 9-24-22

H-E-B is simply #1 when it comes their amazing Meat Market. I was picking up supplies for my Saturday smoking session and just had to check out the deals H-E-B has going on beef, pork and turkey. As usual, the quality of their meats is unmatched and the prices are fair in an inflation driven market.

Harris Ranch Beef Brisket Packer Style $2.96/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket 1/8 inch Trimmed $4.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket Special Trimmed Deckle Fat Removed $3.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Sirloin Tri-Tip Roast U.S.D.A. Prime $7.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket Market Trimmed $4.49/lb.
H-E-B Beef Finger Ribs $4.97/lb.
H-E-B Beef Chuck Short Ribs $5.99/lb.
H-E-B Natural Boneless Skin On Turkey Breast $4.49/lb.
H-E-B Pork Brisket Strips Bone In $1.69/lb.
H-E-B Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs $3.49/lb.
H-E-B Pork St. Louis Style Spareribs $3.98/lb.
Swift Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs $2.98/lb.
H-E-B Natural Pork Spareribs $4.99/lb.
H-E-B Natural St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs $5.99/lb.
H-E-B Natural Pork Loin Back Ribs $7.99/lb.
H-E-B Natural Pork Belly $5.49/lb.
H-E-B Natural Pork Boston Butt $2.69/lb.
H-E-B Natural Pork Tenderloin $7.99/lb.

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My Texas Sugar BBQ Rub Order Arrives 9-21-12

Today was the Barbecue equivalent of Christmas coming early with the arrival of my first bottle of Texas Sugar BBQ Rub from Meat Church BBQ. I am so excited to fire up my Traeger and use a bag of Traeger Meat Church Blend pellets with this new rub. I am thinking a rack of pork spareribs will be first on the smoker.

The new distressed Meat Church BBQ hoodie is so soft to the touch and the pockets are so awesome. This hoodie will be my go to hoodie in the cold of a Texas winter.

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Where My Love For Que Begins: Bigham’s Smokehouse in Lubbock, TX 9-17-22

When I think of my childhood memories and where my love for Barbecue began, it would have to include one BBQ joint in Lubbock, Texas named Bigham’s Smokehouse.

My Dad, after the divorce, lived on 82nd and Memphis when I was a kid. The location of his new place meant Bigham’s Smokehouse was just down the street at 82nd and Indiana.

Going to eat at Bigham’s was always something I looked forward to doing with my Dad. Food always connected us and their barbecue was definitely one of them. The smell of the smoke would hit me before even getting there. Now I know that smell is what pitmasters love so very much. The Wood.

I can remember how much I loved the sliced beef brisket from Bigham’s. It was beauty in beef. It is still one of the standards I judge great brisket by. Their beef brisket visually was appealing to the kid in me and the quality of the product was next level. It has been forty years since I did those BBQ suppers with my Dad and I still vividly recall it like yesterday. It makes me smile.

Even as I grew up and went away to college at ASU, I would come home to visit in the Panhandle. On those trips home, I would stop and buy Bigham’s sliced beef brisket by the pound. Their brisket never let me down. I could always come back and enjoy a little piece of home when I was homesick.

So many years have passed since college but our road trips through Lubbock still include Bigham’s Smokehouse. It is like you didn’t come home without it.

It definitely makes me feel so good to see Bigham’s still smokin’ in 2022. I hope their que inspires the next generation like it did me.

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Meat Church BBQ Debuts Texas Sugar BBQ Rub 9-15-22

September 15, 2022 is the day the Meat Church Congregation has been awaiting with BBQ anticipation. The big reveal of Texas Sugar BBQ Rub from Matt Pittman and the crew from Meat Church BBQ has been years in the making. I personally can not wait to try it out on a set of pork ribs. Thank you so much to Matt for inspiring BBQ pitmasters and a huge hallelujah from the Meat Church Congregation today for your new debut.

Click the link to shop for Texas Sugar BBQ Rub at meatchurch.com or stop in their Flagship BBQ Supply Shop in Waxahachie, TX when they open at 11AM. It will be available in all of their retail outlets on Saturday, October 15.

This sweet heat pork and poultry rub is very versatile. It starts out sweet and then has a subtle back-end kick much in the same fashion as our insanely popular Holy Voodoo. It is fantastic on ribs, pulled pork, chicken, turkey, seafood & popcorn.

The rub is sweet, but not overly sweet. In fact, it is less sugary than 6 of our current seasonings. Texas Sugar is just a catchy name that we always wanted to use!

The history on the seasoning comes from Matt’s competition BBQ days. Many folks have “gotten paid” at BBQ competitions using this rub on their ribs, pork and chicken entries at KCBS and IBCA competitions.

Ingredients: Sugar, Honey Powder (Refined Syrup, Honey), Salt, Spices, Paprika, Dehydrated Garlic, and Dehydrated Onion.

No Gluten. No MSG. NET WT 12 OZ 340.2 G

I found this post on the Meat Church Congregation Facebook page and thought it was just too cool not to share it. Matt Pittman you rock.

Brandon Buckalew from The Meat Church Congregation

Now that’s it’s been released I can finally share.

“My 11 year old loves grilling and bbq. I got to tell Matt about it at a convention and he whipped out a bag and signed it. It was the first bag that had gone out. Such a cool thing for him to do to inspire a kid to keep cooking. Also, the stuff is delicious. Used it on a few things and liked it every time.”

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Texas Monthly BBQ Fest 2022 9-10-22 Update

Are you going to Lockhart on November 5 and 6 for the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest BBQ World Fair and Top 50 Picnic? Well, why not? If you love smoked meats, this is the quintessential event for Texas Barbecue. The lineup for the Top 50 Picnic is the who’s who of que making City Park the BBQ “Field of Dreams” on November 6. The BBQ queen Tootsie from Snow’s BBQ in the house, the new Guinness World Record holder Panther City BBQ and even the new #1 BBQ joint guys from Goldee’s will be starring at this year’s event. Get your tickets, make the road trip and be in the BBQ capital of Texas, Lockhart come November.

JUST ANNOUNCED! Pinkerton’s Barbecue will be joining us at the Top 50 Picnic on November 6! VIP tickets are officially SOLD OUT, and GA will be before you know it. Don’t wait: https://txmnth.ly/38q7aej
BBQ FEST UPDATE! The Slow Bone has been added to the Top 50 Picnic lineup! Join us on November 6 for the annual event you know and love, but bigger and better than ever before! Tickets are selling fast, so get yours today: https://txmnth.ly/38q7aej
JUST ADDED! We are excited to announce that Hutchins BBQ McKinney has been added to the Top 50 Picnic lineup. Come out to Lockhart City Park on November 6 and sample BBQ from 40+ of the Top 50 BBQ joints in Texas! Get your tickets today: https://txmnth.ly/38q7aej

U.S.D.A. Beef Quality Grading 9-07-22


Sous Vide Poached Apples 9-05-22

Sous Vide Poached Apples will be the 2nd food item to take a dip in my Anova. Excited to see how the apples turn out and hoping they are worthy of being an amazing apple pie too.

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The Maiden Voyage: Sous Vide Sirloin Steaks 9-03-22

Today, I embark on my maiden voyage as a newbie Sous Vide chef. Steak is on the menu but I have jumped ahead of myself. Gay bought me for my birthday, the Anova Precision Cooker and Anova Cooker Container. I have been dreaming about my own sous vide cooker so I can see what it can do first hand. Sirloin steak is my first choice to cook in the Anova. It is probably the most chosen to cook first due to the ease of the meat to cook. I pre-heated the Anova to 129 degrees and cooked the steaks for one hour. The sirloins were finished with a sear in a cast iron skillet. The results were mouthwateringly delicious. It was definitely the right choice for this steak lover.

Anova is now at 129 for the one hour cooking time.

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The Meat Report: Texas Beef, Pork and Turkey on Labor Day Weekend 9-03-22

It is Labor Day Weekend and it means the end of the summer of 2022. If you live BBQ like I do, Labor Day is an opportunity to pick up some great deals and awesome finds on meats to smoke. Today was no different. The sheer beauty of the meat aisle at H-E-B is always a delight if you are a pitmaster in training. The quality of the meats and unbelievable variety is a sight to behold. If you want to smoke it for this Labor Day Weekend, they got it.

H-E-B Beef Brisket Packer Style $2.96/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket 1/8 inch Trim $4.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket Deckle Fat Removed $3.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket Whole U.S.D.A Prime Vac Pack $4.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Sirloin Tri Tip Roast U.S.D.A Prime $7.99/lb.
H-E-B Boneless Beef Brisket Chunks $4.49/lb., H-E-B Center Cut Beef Brisket $4.99/lb. and H-E-B Market Trimmed Beef Brisket $4.49/lb.
H-E-B Beef Chunk Short Ribs U.S.D.A Choice $5.99/lb., H-E-B Beef Fingers Ribs $4.99/lb. and Swift Bone-In Beef Back Ribs $4.99/lb.
H-E-B Boneless Skin On Turkey Breast $4.49/lb.
Smithfield Pork Spareribs $2.22/lb.
H-E-B St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs $3.98/lb.
Swift Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs $3.99/lb.
H-E-B Natural St Louis Style Pork Spareribs $5.99/lb., H-E-B Natural Pork Spareribs $4.99/lb., H-E-B Pork Brisket Strips $1.69/lb. and H-E-B Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs $3.49/lb.
H-E-B Natural Pork Back Ribs $7.99/lb.
H-E-B Natural Half Cut Pork Belly $5.49/lb.
H-E-B Natural Pork Shoulder Butt $2.69/lb.
H-E-B Pork Loin Country Style Ribs Bone-In Club Pack $1.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Tomahawk Steak Texas Size Pack $8.99/lb.
H-E-B Pork Grilling Sausage $3.99/lb. and H-E-B Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage $4.99/lb.

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