Sklenarik’s Smoked Meat in Miles, TX 8-29-20

During the COVID pandemic, shopping for quality meats has became a huge concern. We were blessed to find a hidden gem in Sklenarik’s Smoked Meats in Miles, TX. Sklenarik’s has a wide variety of beef, chicken, pork and lamb. One of our favorite items at Sklenarik’s is the Jalapeño Bacon Cream Cheese Sausage Poppers. The variety of sausages comes in Regular, Jalapeño, Cheese, Jalapeño & Cheese, Habanero & Cheese, Green Chile & Swiss Cheese and Ghost Pepper & Cheese. Make the drive to Miles and find out for yourself just how amazing the smoked meats are at Sklenarik’s.

Sklenarik’s Smoked Meats

PO Box 156
108 S. Robinson Street
Miles, Texas 76861

About Sklenarik Smoked Meats

Welcome to, the Internet Store for Sklenarik’s Smoked Meats, Inc.  We are a USDA Inspected & HACCP Approved meat processing facility.  We have the best Jerky and Smoked Meats that Texas has to offer.  Whether you like it hot or not, we’ve got it!

Sklenarik’s Smoked Meats, Inc. is located deep in the heart of Texas in the small farming community of Miles, Texas.  We may be a tiny town but we have big flavor and that makes our jerky the best.  In business since 1985, we know the ropes.  We installed our first smokehouse in 1992 and that’s the beginning of our story.  As a matter of fact, Jerky was the first product we put out.  It took some trials and some errors to get the right flavor, but after a few batches, we have come up with, well….the best Jerky we think a person could want.  Now we produce over 12,000 pounds of Jerky a year.

Of course, to do the best job, you use only the best meat.  So we use USDA inspected Top Round, that’s right, Round Steak.  We hand slice each round and marinate it in our special blend of seasonings.  Then we slow-smoke it using mesquite wood for that just-right taste. 
Our Jerky is made daily to insure you get the freshest possible.  When you order today, you receive Jerky made that very day.  Yep, it’s fresh!

Being from Texas, the Pony Express would be our choice to get the Jerky to you, but we actually use UPS Ground. So we will need a physical address. You will receive your Jerky within 2-3 business days. If we need to we can send it through the US Postal service just let us know.

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