The Meat Report: Texas Beef 2-26-22

The Meat Report rolling through the amazing meat aisle at my local H-E-B here in San Angelo on this chilly Saturday afternoon.

Beef Brisket USDA Prime 4.99/LB. at H-E-B in San Angelo.

The smoking meat of choice is Beef to price check this week. The 4.99/LB. for USDA Prime Beef Brisket and 7.99/LB. for American Wagyu Beef Brisket is a pretty consistent price the past couple months here at H-E-B. What are you paying at your grocery store right now?

Beef Brisket American Wagyu 7.99/LB. at H-E-B in San Angelo

The Bone-In Beef Back Ribs at 4.99/LB. were a featured item and are tapping in to the recent Dino Beef Ribs trend. What do you think about Beef Ribs? Fair Price?

Bone-In Beef Back Ribs 4.99/LB. at H-E-B in San Angelo

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