Texas Monthly BBQ Fest 2022

The plans for TM BBQ Fest benefiting Feeding Texas are in the works! Join us November 5 & 6 in Lockhart—the barbecue capital of Texas—as we celebrate the biggest, meatiest TM BBQ Fest in history. This year’s expanded two-day festival will feature a return of our Sunday event, the Top 50 Picnic, and we’re introducing a new concept for Saturday—the BBQ World’s Fair, celebrating the big, wide, eclectic world of ‘cue.

Ticket sales open to the public July 1, but TM BBQ Club members have early access to purchase tickets (at a lower price!) beginning June 8. Want early access? Join TM BBQ Club for 50% off through May: https://txmnth.ly/3kscrEk

To prepare for the big event this November, we’re hosting Pit Stop events around the state all summer long. Check out our event website for more info: https://txmnth.ly/3LwCsOK

Make sure to like the TM BBQ Fest Facebook Page for real-time updates: https://txmnth.ly/2TVKriS

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