Hat of the Day: Meat Church BBQ Supply in Waxahachie, TX 6-29-22

I received my mail order today (6-29-22) from Meat Church BBQ in Waxahachie, Texas. The charcoal gray hat had been sold out for awhile on Meat Church BBQ Supply’s website but was recently restocked. This stained glass patch trucker hat is one sweet hat to add to my BBQ hat collection and the Meato Bandito sticker in the mail package is going to look awesome on Matt’s cooler. Of course, I ordered the Meat Church Texas koozie to keep my drink cool during this ridiculous Texas summer heat wave. If you haven’t checked out Meat Church, you are missing out on the best BBQ supply store in que. #bbq #meatchurchbbq #meatchurchbbqsupply #bbqtshirts #bbqhats #waxahachie #waxahachietx #mybbqjourney #bbqlovers #meatobandito


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