Where My Love For Que Begins: Bigham’s Smokehouse in Lubbock, TX 9-17-22

When I think of my childhood memories and where my love for Barbecue began, it would have to include one BBQ joint in Lubbock, Texas named Bigham’s Smokehouse.

My Dad, after the divorce, lived on 82nd and Memphis when I was a kid. The location of his new place meant Bigham’s Smokehouse was just down the street at 82nd and Indiana.

Going to eat at Bigham’s was always something I looked forward to doing with my Dad. Food always connected us and their barbecue was definitely one of them. The smell of the smoke would hit me before even getting there. Now I know that smell is what pitmasters love so very much. The Wood.

I can remember how much I loved the sliced beef brisket from Bigham’s. It was beauty in beef. It is still one of the standards I judge great brisket by. Their beef brisket visually was appealing to the kid in me and the quality of the product was next level. It has been forty years since I did those BBQ suppers with my Dad and I still vividly recall it like yesterday. It makes me smile.

Even as I grew up and went away to college at ASU, I would come home to visit in the Panhandle. On those trips home, I would stop and buy Bigham’s sliced beef brisket by the pound. Their brisket never let me down. I could always come back and enjoy a little piece of home when I was homesick.

So many years have passed since college but our road trips through Lubbock still include Bigham’s Smokehouse. It is like you didn’t come home without it.

It definitely makes me feel so good to see Bigham’s still smokin’ in 2022. I hope their que inspires the next generation like it did me.

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