Where My Love For Que Begins: The Little Red Barn Steakhouse in San Antonio, TX 5-21-23

When I would travel with my Dad as a kid, my strongest memories are from the places we would go out to eat. Food always connected us and Steak was one food that was at the top of our menu list most trips.

I can remember going to San Antonio in the early 80s. We visited the Alamo, The Tower of the Americas and the Riverwalk and searched out the biggest steakhouse in town, The Little Red Barn Steakhouse. It was legendary for its massive cuts of beef and its quality was next level.

I had to Google to see if the Little Red Barn was still making steak dreams come true in San Antonio? And guess what? The Little Red Barn is still bringing steak to the masses.

It makes this old man’s heart feel a little better to know a piece of my childhood is still out there. Still making a kid’s first steak something to remember.

1836 S. Hackberry, San Antonio, TX

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