Texas Sugar BBQ Rub: First Smoking Session 9-24-22

Texas Sugar BBQ Rub has been on my mind ever since it debuted earlier this month. I have been thinking of the day I would get the opportunity to use Meat Church’s latest contribution to the Barbecue Game. Well, today is that day. It is a beautiful sunny Saturday morning with perfect conditions for myContinue reading “Texas Sugar BBQ Rub: First Smoking Session 9-24-22”

My Texas Sugar BBQ Rub Order Arrives 9-21-12

Today was the Barbecue equivalent of Christmas coming early with the arrival of my first bottle of Texas Sugar BBQ Rub from Meat Church BBQ. I am so excited to fire up my Traeger and use a bag of Traeger Meat Church Blend pellets with this new rub. I am thinking a rack of porkContinue reading “My Texas Sugar BBQ Rub Order Arrives 9-21-12”

Where My Love For Que Begins: Bigham’s Smokehouse in Lubbock, TX 9-17-22

When I think of my childhood memories and where my love for Barbecue began, it would have to include one BBQ joint in Lubbock, Texas named Bigham’s Smokehouse. My Dad, after the divorce, lived on 82nd and Memphis when I was a kid. The location of his new place meant Bigham’s Smokehouse was just downContinue reading “Where My Love For Que Begins: Bigham’s Smokehouse in Lubbock, TX 9-17-22”

Meat Church BBQ Debuts Texas Sugar BBQ Rub 9-15-22

September 15, 2022 is the day the Meat Church Congregation has been awaiting with BBQ anticipation. The big reveal of Texas Sugar BBQ Rub from Matt Pittman and the crew from Meat Church BBQ has been years in the making. I personally can not wait to try it out on a set of pork ribs.Continue reading “Meat Church BBQ Debuts Texas Sugar BBQ Rub 9-15-22”

BBQ Pitmaster and Legend Melissa Cookston 6-16-22

Melissa Cookston is an American chef and author. She is the chef/owner of two restaurants, Memphis BBQ Company and Green Tomato Catering. She is the author of two cookbooks, Smokin in the Boy’s Room (2014) and Smokin’ Hot in the South (2016). Melissa is a seven-time world American barbecue champion. In addition, Cookston has twiceContinue reading “BBQ Pitmaster and Legend Melissa Cookston 6-16-22”

Memorial Day BBQ 5-28-22

BBQ Spices & Rubs 5-22-22

Ariana’s 14th Birthday 5-01-22

Legendary Texas barbecue pitmaster John Mueller dies at 52

https://www.austin360.com/story/entertainment/dining/restaurant-reviews/2021/12/16/john-mueller-bbq-texas-pitmaster-dead-at-52/8933568002/?fbclid=IwAR2y6BCWuxUYv0pyOo6Q_21V7OrWw3P6kNMcM0NIvucfcoNex_jWk0U1kAk https://www.texasmonthly.com/bbq/john-mueller-barbecue-legend-dies-at-52/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Web+Social&utm_campaign=JohnMuellerDies&utm_content=+&fbclid=IwAR0-G0JQT2NNP4nLIOIOMGEsFwWOuuLdULSGYgtGjBezLIHnkWARM1ZTg4o