2022 Thanksgiving 11-24-22

Thanksgiving is the foodie’s dream holiday and every year, I just try to get a little better with the family recipes my Mema Harris handed down to me. Thanksgiving always makes me think of Mema and it makes me proud to know I am still carrying on the traditions she loved so much. She lovedContinue reading “2022 Thanksgiving 11-24-22”

Sous Vide Poached Apples 9-05-22

Sous Vide Poached Apples will be the 2nd food item to take a dip in my Anova. Excited to see how the apples turn out and hoping they are worthy of being an amazing apple pie too. #sousvide #sousvidecooking #apple #apples #poachedapples #mybbqjourney #bbq #bbqblog #bbqblogger #texasbbq #texassousvide #anova #anovaprecisioncooker #sugar #cinnamon #butter #sousvidechef

Memorial Day BBQ 5-28-22

Ariana’s 14th Birthday 5-01-22

Westlake Ace Hardware in San Angelo, TX 4-02-22

It is always a great trip to the store for BBQ necessities when the store is Westlake Ace Hardware. If you aren’t stocking up on your grilling gear here, you are missing out on serious variety and quality brands like Traeger, Meat Church and Meat Mitch.

Meat Church BBQ Texas Chili 1-15-22

I had received a packet of Meat Church BBQ Texas Chili Seasoning in my Christmas stocking back in December. Today, I thought with these cold January days it was time to try it out and as usual Meat Church BBQ delivers the goods. I made it as a traditional ground beef chili with no beans.Continue reading “Meat Church BBQ Texas Chili 1-15-22”

Thanksgiving 2021 Day 10-25-21

Thanksgiving 2021 was a blessed day filled with family, food and fun. The Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill enjoyed its first Thanksgiving and smoked two amazing Honeysuckle White Boneless Turkey Breasts. I used the Traeger Turkey Blend pellets with Hickory, Maple and Natural Rosemary Flavor and brined the turkey breasts with the Traeger Orange BrineContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2021 Day 10-25-21”

Thanksgiving 2021 Prep Work 10-24-21

The day before Thanksgiving is always the critical prep work day to setup everything for the Thanksgiving day cook. Thawing and brining the turkey, baking the cornbread and biscuits and starting up the array of desserts are essential.

My Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill: H-E-B Boston Pork Butt and St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs 9-25-21

I pulled out my Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill to smoke a Boston Pork Butt and two racks of St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs with Matt Fuentes for UFC 266. Matt decided he wanted to try a dry rub using Kinder’s Seasoning The Blend with Garlic, Salt and Pepper for his rack of ribs. IContinue reading “My Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill: H-E-B Boston Pork Butt and St. Louis Style Pork Spareribs 9-25-21”