Foodie Me: Bonsai Garden in San Angelo, TX 8-02-22

I always love to see a beautiful foodie worthy plate created right before me like the chefs at Bonsai Garden do. Tonight was no exception as this plate of Teriyaki Steak and Teriyaki Chicken pulls foodie me right in.

Our chef’s skill tonight with his spatula, carving fork, knife and flat top was impressive and his love of using copious amounts of butter made me even happier. It was a note taking session for sure to be applied later on the Blackstone back at home.

Teriyaki Steak and Teriyaki Chicken with Fried Rice, Broccoli, Carrots, Mushrooms, Onions and Zucchini.

The Meat Report: Texas Beef, Pork and Turkey 7-31-22

H-E-B Beef Brisket Whole Packer Style $2.96/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket Deckle Fat Removed $3.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket Super Trimmed $4.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket Flat Market Trimmed $4.99/lb. and H-E-B Beef Brisket Whole Market Trimmed $4.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Brisket American Style Wagyu Beef $7.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Ribs Dino Ribs Bone-In $7.99/lb. and Beef Sirloin Tri-Tip Roast USDA Prime $7.99/lb.
Swift Beef Finger Ribs $4.99/lb.
H-E-B Turkey Boneless, Skin On $4.49/lb.
Swift Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs $4.64/lb.
Swift Pork St. Louis Style Spareribs $3.98/lb.
Smithfield Pork Spareribs $2.22/lb.
H-E-B Beef Tomahawk Steak Extra Thick $8.99/lb.
H-E-B Beef Top Sirloin Steak USDA Prime Boneless Thick $5.47/lb.
H-E-B Pork Loin Country Style Ribs Bone-In $1.99/lb.

UFC 277 Peña vs Nunes BBQ 7-30-22

Where’s Argyle Now? 7-30-22

Where’s Argyle Now on this sunny UFC 277 Saturday afternoon? Argyle is blasting “Ramon Ayala” By Giovannie and The Hired Guns to start this smoking session. It is going to be a great time with family today and epic UFC fights to end our evening.

Are You Watching BBQ USA? 7-26-22

Are you watching the new Food Network show “BBQ USA” starring Michael Symon? If you haven’t and you love BBQ, you are definitely missing out on one awesomely informative show all about the que.

BBQ USA has traveled across the country to some of the biggest BBQ competitions from Kansas to Georgia to the great state of Texas so far.

Season 1, Episode 3

Risk It for the Brisket

Michael Symon visits the Lone Star State for the Cedar Fest BBQ Cook-Off. The teams compete in ribs, chicken and pork, but the real star is brisket. Which team has what it takes to win, and which teams are all hat and no cattle?

Episode aired Monday, July 25, 2022

Tip of the Week from BBQ USA

Use Cornhusker Kitchen Gourmet Duck Fat Cooking Oil Spray to give a nice glossy look and added moisture to your beef brisket.

Here are a few of the Texas BBQ competition teams featured:

Rio Valley Meat-Weslaco, Texas

Fred Robles knows meat. A butcher by trade and owner of Rio Valley Meats in Weslaco, Texas, Fred entered his first barbecue competition with a borrowed smoker and a love for barbecue. After placing fifth in chicken during his first competition, he was hooked. Since then, he has been awarded hundreds of first-place categories, 95 Grand and Reserve Grand Championships, and was recently named the 2019 American Royal World Champion and 2019 National BBQ Grand Champion.

You can pick up Rio Valley Meat Perfecto Rub at

Fat Boys BBQ-Temple, Texas

This father & son team out of Temple, TX are no strangers to the award stage, and their trophy cabinet shows it. Danny Mikes cooked competitively for over 15 years, winning almost every major cook off in the United States, including The American Royal Open BBQ world championship in 1997, The Jack Daniels Invitational in 1998, along with many other national and Texas state championships. He retired from competition in 2001 to open his own restaurant. In 2013 his son Corey coaxed him back into competing and they have been full force since then. Fat Boys BBQ have earned perfect scores in all four meats judged in KCBS, multiple Grand Championships and Reserve Grand Championships along with a trip to the prestigious King of the Smoker in 2017 where the very best pitmasters in the world face off each year.

You can order Fat Boys Beef ‘Roids Rub at

Chicken Fried BBQ-Spring, Texas

Bill Purvis of Chicken Fried BBQ is one of the new pitmasters to be featured in the latest episode of BBQ USA. Bill and his Chicken Fried BBQ competition team is out of Spring, Texas and is quickly adding hardware to their trophy room.

Chicken Fried BBQ Texas Rib Grind was originally designed for a no sauce rib rub, but has also found success as a layer in competition bbq and not just on ribs 🙂 Enjoy, Share, and Tag #ChickenFriedGrind

Grab your own Chicken Fried BBQ Texas Rib Grind at

Props to the BBQ Spot and Hardcore Carnivore for their about stories on Rio Valley Meat and Fat Boys BBQ.

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Where’s Argyle Now? 7-24-22

This beautiful July Sunday morning, Argyle was hanging out with Funko Pop Guy Fieri and inspiring me with “I Still Believe” by Jeremy Camp. Breakfast on Sunday morning with Gay is always a blessing for me. Where will Argyle be next?

Prisma App: Illegal Beauty filter
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Sunday Breakfast: Omelettes and Pork Sausage 7-24-22

Where’s Argyle Now? 7-23-22

My bro, Argyle has setup shop on my BBQ spice shelf today or as I think of it, my Barbecue Nirvana. He was blasting “The Real Slim Shady” by Eminem and making my Saturday afternoon a little Bitty more sweet. Where will Argyle be next? Stay Tuned.

Surfer Boy Pizza Phone Number: 805-45-PIZZA
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Mike’s Hot Honey Infused with Chilies 7-23-22

I have been reading about Mike’s Hot Honey online for the past year and have been hoping to find it. Today, we were at our local Wal-Mart and I checked the honey section for a new bottle of honey to try on my next rack of pork spareribs. I was lucky enough to find a bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey and thought it was just meant to be. I am always looking for the next step in my ribs game and this should be an awesome new glazing option. Have any of you tried Mike’s Hot Honey? I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on this sweet product.

Mike’s Hot Honey Story by Mike Kurtz

Mike’s Hot Honey is America’s leading brand of hot honey. Founded in 2010 by Mike Kurtz, the brand was born from a desire to create and share the highest quality honey infused with chili peppers. Mike began drizzling his signature hot honey on pizzas at the Brooklyn pizzeria where he worked, and customers started to ask if they could buy bottles to take home.

Mike’s Hot Honey became a word-of-mouth sensation, sparking the creation of a new category of honey. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Mike’s Hot Honey can now be found on restaurant menus and retail shelves across the US.

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